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With Webmarkers eazyBackup, you can backup/restore manually or schedule regular online backups for Windows desktops, workstations and servers.
With a simple, user-friendly layout, power users have the option of working with an advanced interface coupled with powerful scheduling and logging features.

Advanced features include Open / Locked file Backups, System State backup, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, MS SharePoint Server backups - and much more...

Online Backup General Features

General Features


  • Unattended / Automatic Operation: You decide when to perform your backups. Automatic scheduled backups can be performed while your computer is not in use.
  • Bit-level incremental backups: After the initial backup, eazyBackup uses an exclusive process called bit backup to back up new or changed portions of files saving bandwidth and time.
  • No Wait File Restore: Lightning fast file restores, easily locate and restore multiple file versions.
  • Wildcard file specification: Auto-select feature scans your hard drive and selects for backup any file types you pick. Useful to find that hidden “*.doc” file you forgot to select.


  • Encryption: Military-grade encryption with a private encryption key you create. Your data is always secure. You have the choice of multiple different encryption algorithms including DES, TDES (triple DES), AES 128, AES 192, AES 256 and Blowfish with a variable length key of up to 448 bits.
  • Compliance: eazyBackup fully meets Government and industry specific regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA and SEC
  • Data Center: Our facilities feature state-of-the-art electronic security utilizing automatic sensing systems, key card access and advanced digital video security. The premises are patrolled by security personal 24/7/365.
  • Network Security: Our network is protected using multiple layers of security starting with Cisco UTM Firewalls which are connected to redundant fiber optic providers ensuring extremely fast connections and peering with all major networks.
  • Email Alerts: You receive an Email message each time your backup runs. Provides a complete list of all files backed up and alerts you to any problems.

Online Backup General Features

Features and Support

  • VSS Open/Locked file support: Enables you to backup files or databases which are “exclusive-write” opened at time of backup.
  • Exchange: Backs up and restores Microsoft Exchange at the sub-mailbox folder level while Exchange is running. It also backs up and restores all other Exchange objects.
  • SQL: eazyBackup will backup and restore SQL Server databases while SQL Server is running. Backing up SQL database is as easy as selecting normal files and folders.
  • Network drive support: Remote mount and backup any device visible as a Windows shared drive including UNIX “samba” volumes.
  • Windows Support: eazyBackup supports all versions of Windows from 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista and Windows 7, including servers) both 32 and 64bit operating systems are fully supported
  • Version (snapshot) support: Restore file versions up to 30 days in the past. (Longer retention periods can be quoted)

  • eazyBackup Off-Site Data Recovery support: Professional off-site data recovery services included as part of the eazyBackup service package. Recover data from failed storage media that was not included, or did not make it into your backup schedule.
*contact Webmarkers for more details.

All backup packages include licensing for one computer or device. If you require additional client licenses or a customized package please contact our sales department. We can structure backup packages for storage up to 10TB.

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Detailed Feature List

  • AutoSelect - AutoSelect allows end users to select files by file type rather than by file location. So, you don't have to know where a file exists to back it up. Just select from a list of files by type (i.e. "Spreadsheets" or "MS Word Documents") and they will be backed up wherever they exist, from any folder.
  • Strong Encryption - Built-in strong encryption. Webmarkers eazyBackup has seven (7) selectable encryption methods - DES v1, DES v2, TDES, Blowfish, AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256.
  • Encryption Key Generator - One button creates a statistically perfect encryption key using the currently selected encryption method.
  • Print Key Information - Displays and prints a form containing all information necessary for a Disaster Recovery. This customizable form should be printed and retained by the end user as a backup to the Key File and Key Escrow systems.
  • Create Portable Key File - Maintains a portable Key File that can be copied to a memory stick and used for Disaster Recovery and for securely accessing backup files over the web. Fully compliant with HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and other regulations.
  • Maintains Encryption Key History - Maintains a complete history of all encryption keys. End users may change encryption keys as often as they like for maximum security, allowing the prompt less restore of all files, regardless of the key used to encrypt them at backup time.
  • Advanced Scheduling - This edition can schedule backups by day of week, day of month, calendar day, daily, on demand
  • Configurable File Retention Policy - The Client can set File Retention Policy to keep files on the server for a number of days after they have been deleted from the Client computer. This can range from one day to ten years. It can also set a number of versions of files to keep, regardless of the age of the files. Files are deleted from the server as they expire, oldest first.
  • Keep Latest Version - This feature keeps the most recent version of a file regardless the other file retention settings. For example, assume you have set files to purge after they are 30 days old. If you only have a single copy of a file within that time frame, and you do not select this option, that file will be erased when its age is over 30 days. If you select this option, that file will be retained regardless of its age until a more recent one appears at the Server.
  • Multiple Backup Sets – Webmarkers eazyBackup can maintain an unlimited number of Backup Sets. Backup Sets are groups of files with the same File Retention Policy, Backup Schedule, Backup Method, and many other options. This allows users to (for example) back up more important files more often, or to archive some files for years and not others.
  • Pre- and Post- Backup Command Processor - Webmarkers eazyBackup will process user-written command files before and after backup sessions. Each Backup Set can have its own individual pair of command files. Command files can perform operations like integrating the backup software with other applications, doing local backups, stopping and restarting services, sending notifications, running programs, and much more.
  • Data Compression - Data files are compressed on the Client computer by as much as 90% before being encrypted and transmitted to the Server. This reduces the amount of bandwidth required to send backups, saves space on the Server, and ads another layer of security to the backup.
  • Shut Down or Log Out After Backup - This feature will optionally shut down the computer after a scheduled backup (to save energy and increase security) or log off the current user.
  • Session Quota Control - A defined Session Quota to limit the amount of data that can be sent during a single backup session. Backups that do not finish because they exceed the Session Quota are resumed where they stopped during the next session. This feature can be used to spread out initial full backups (which can be large) over multiple backup sessions.
  • Resume Failed Backups Automatically - Backups that fail because of a lost Internet connection, a power failure, or some other interruption are automatically resumed at the point they stopped within sixty seconds without any loss of data. The software will retry the backup every sixty seconds throughout the Backup Window. If it cannot resume the backup within the time allotted by the Backup Window, it will resume during the next scheduled backup.
  • Optionally use Windows Task Scheduler - Webmarkers eazyBackup has its own built-in backup scheduler. However, some Service Providers like the Windows Task Scheduler better. A simple checkbox automatically creates and activates a Windows Task on a per-Backup Set basis.
  • Operates on Clear Registered Ports - There is never any worry about conflicting with other applications. This software operates on "Registered Ports," which means that Webmarkers and affiliates effectively "owns" them. No other software vendors will use our ports, so there will never be a conflict with other applications.
  • Full Backups - Always performs full file backups of all selected files and folders.
  • Incremental Backups - Backs up only files that have been changed or added since the last backup, toggles the Archive Bit. Complies with Advanced File Selection Methods below.
  • Differential Backups - Backs up only files that have been changed or added since the last backup, does not toggle the Archive Bit. This is used when an Online Backup needs to integrate with a tape backup on the same computer. Complies with Advanced File Selection Methods below.
  • Advanced File Selection Methods - The software can be set to determine which files need to be backed up using the Archive Bit, the modified date and time as compared with the date and time of the most recent backup of each file, or the proprietary FastPick method.
  • Automatic Adjustment for Daylight Savings Time - The software automatically detects Daylight Savings Time worldwide and adjusts the File Selection Method. Without this feature, a change in time would force a full backup of all files, or prevent a backup session.
  • Supports Dialup Connections - This feature activates a telephone modem and dials in to an Internet Service Provider to establish a connection for a backup session. The connection is dropped at the end of the backup session.
  • Can Operate Off-Net - This feature allows the Client software to make a direct connection to the Server using telephone modems, radio links, null modem cables, and other non-network connections. It is used in areas without Internet, and when special security is required.
  • CPU Throttling - The Client software can be set to subordinate itself to more important processes that require CPU time. The default setting is "Medium," which rarely needs to be changed.
  • HIPAA Compliant - The software is fully compliant with HIPAA.
  • Files Stored Encrypted on Server - Files are stored on the Server in fully encrypted form, using an encryption key known only to the end user. It is impossible for the Server operator to decrypt and view end user files unless the end user discloses the encryption key.
  • Filenames Encrypted on Server - File names are stored encrypted on the Server. This prevents disclosing sensitive information to the Server operator. File names often contain sensitive information. So, even if a file is fully encrypted, its name can be a security risk, and can prevent regulatory compliance. For example, a file named "John Smith heart surgery May 13 2009.doc" is not HIPAA compliant.
  • Easy Disaster Recovery - In the event of a loss of data due to catastrophic hardware failure, the Disaster Recovery feature will automatically restore the Client software's setup options and the most recent backup quickly and easily.
  • Restore has Advanced Search Capabilities - The Restore interface contains advanced search features that can search across backup sets and sessions by date (before, between, after), by Backup Set, by drive and folder, and by file and folder names or parts of names, and can include wildcards.
  • Open Files Agent - Back up files that are open and in use by other applications. Without this feature, files cannot be backed up if they are in use. For example, if eMail client Microsoft Outlook is open at the time of backup, its files cannot be backed up. Many applications should run constantly, and cannot be automatically shut down for backups. The Open Files Agent solves this problem.
  • Built-In Remote Helpdesk - Webmarkers eazyBackup has a built-in full Remote Control module built on the popular and secure VNC protocol. This allows Webmarkers' Support staff to take control (with the Client's permission) of any Client's keyboard, mouse, and monitor to offer live remote help. Upload and download files, run reports, install software - full control. Client-side software automatically uninstalls itself when the remote session is complete. MANY advanced features. No other Online Backup company offers this.
  • Delete from Server - This feature is a client-side interface that lets you search and delete files from the Server by date or file type, or by file name. It is good for cleaning out old files that don't need to be saved, speeding up backups and restores, and saving disk space on the Server. Without this feature, files are deleted from the Server according to the rules you set for File Retention Policy.
  • Internet Support - This feature allows the software to operate over the Internet. Otherwise, it will run only within private (local) networks. Many businesses do not want to expose their backups to the Internet for security reasons.
  • BitBackup - BitBackup is a special kind of backup that can back up and restore only the changed pieces of files. Sometimes called "Sub File Backup," BitBackup can significantly reduce the amount of storage space required at the Server, and the backup time as well - sometimes by as much as 98%. Another benefit of BitBackup is that it maintains a Local Data Store at the Client-side. The Local Data Store is a complete copy of the very latest version of backed up files, stored locally, at the Client's location. eazyBackup automatically restores from the Local Data Store if the user needs the most recent backup, which decreases restore time significantly. The Local Data Store adds another level of redundancy (a local backup as well as an Online Backup,) and allows restores even if the Client cannot make a connection to the Server. * Unlike other companies, eazyBackup's BitBackup was designed specifically for high-reliability online backups.
  • Active Directory - Back up and restore Windows Active Directory from Windows Servers.
  • Exchange Backup - Brick level backup and restore of Microsoft Exchange Servers. Webmarkers eazyBackup backs up at the sub-mailbox level. * This is far superior to our competitors who simply rely on Windows' built-in NTBackup for full-file backups, or (see below) charge an extra fee PER MAILBOX.
  • No Extra Charge for Mailboxes - Many companies charge a per-mailbox fee for Exchange Backup. Our most advanced brick-level Exchange Backup can back up an unlimited number of mailboxes at no extra fee.
  • SQL Server Backup - Incremental table-level backup and restore of Microsoft SQL Server. Backs up multiple instances of SQL Server on the same computer.
  • System State Backup - Back up and restore the Windows System State.
  • Sharepoint Backup - Back up and restore Windows Sharepoint Servers.
  • Simple Interface - The Webmarkers eazyBackup Client software can be deployed with one or both of two user interfaces. The Simple Interface is wizard-driven, very modern and user friendly, containing only the most commonly used functions. This is best for most end users.
  • Advanced Interface - The Webmarkers eazyBackup Client software can be deployed with one or both of two user interfaces. The Advanced Interface is for power users or administrators. It contains all available options in a compact, fast format. It is not suitable for inexperienced end users.
  • Simple/Advanced Interfaces - The Service Provider Edition features both the Simple and the Advanced Interfaces above.
  • Copy to Disk - This feature is usually used to perform a first full backup using a USB drive, which is then available for online restore. Sometimes the first backup is very large, and because of bandwidth it is more convenient to do it using a portable hard drive or memory stick, which is then transported to the Server and simply copied. Subsequent backups are much smaller, and are done online.
  • Mapped Drive Support - This feature allows the software to back up data from mapped drives. Without this feature, it will back up only drives directly attached to the computer it runs on.
  • Maintains Local Backup + Online Backup - The software can be set to maintain a local backup at the Client's site in addition to its Online Backup. The local backup can be sent to a shared network drive, an offsite drive via VPN, or any other mapped drive letter. BitBackup automatically maintains a local Data Store. In addition, the pre- and post- backup command files can be used to launch any other backup utility to perform local backups.
  • Stealth Mode - The software can be set to perform all its operations completely silently - without any on-screen messages, windows, or sounds. This is useful when integrating with other software, or when users just don't want to be bothered with pop-up windows.
  • Hide Progress Screen - This feature hides the backup progress screen, but none of the other program icons or messages. This is useful when backups are scheduled to happen during times when the computer is being used for other applications and you don't want to disturb the user.